About us


In 1965, the Šovljanski family of tailors expanded their business to pleating materials, the production of buttons, and providing button covering services. We have been supplying the textile industry and furniture manufacturers for over 50 years, including high fashion, fashion companies, fashion designers, wedding dresses, department stores, furniture manufacturers, upholsterers, unique jewelry designers, and more.

Apart from manufacturing button blanks of all shapes and sizes, as well as buttons for furniture and furniture fittings, we trade in haberdashery and upholstery tools and accessories for furniture manufacturers and upholsterers, and we offer pleating services, button and buckle covering services, and the application of snap fastener studs, rivets, and eyelets.

Our goal
Through an individualized approach and fast production we create a high-quality product that meets client expectations and earns their trust. We are committed to maintaining a high quality of our products with proper service.

We have the privilege to work with some of the biggest names of the fashion and furniture industries, and we are proud of our reputation that brings in top designers looking for the quality, fast delivery, and passion that we provide.

  • Made in Serbia
  • 50 years of experience
  • Attention to the most minute details
  • Over 100 types of fabric covered buttons, 27 styles of fabric covered buckles, over 100 pleating patterns
  • Extremely flexible delivery deadlines

    Our reputation speaks for us!
  • Haberdashery

    Our haberdashery Dugme in Novi Sad offers:

    • Over 2000 types of buttons
    • Ribbons (lace, rubber, saten, paspul, fringe, velcro, tricolor...)
    • Zippers
    • Thread, gems, padding, appliques, chains, needles
    • Buckles, rings, half rings and a variety of fashion accessories
    • Snap fastener studs, prong snap fasteners, rivets, eyelets, and jeans buttons
    • The application of snap fastener studs, prong snap fasteners, rivets, eyelets, and jeans buttons
    • Button covering services
    • Zipper repair

    • And so much more…